About Us

Who Are We

EdTalk is a platform to share and get opinions about current state of Education and its betterment. Our mission is to establish a dialogue about the education in society.

Our Vision

Education is the only ladder to climb out of the clutches of poverty and exploitation

Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Laureate

A good education is the only tool which can build a safe, corruption free and prosperous nation.  If we want a better India tomorrow, we need to invest in the education of our children today. Given the current state of education in India where a good education is only accessible for the children of rich families and the degrading standard of the education in govt. schools where children of poor people study is the matter of serious concern. Right to Education governs education for all, which our governments have succeeded to achieve to some extent. But what we need today is the Equal and Quality Education for all.  For this purpose, there is a need to start the discourse among our lawmakers, bureaucrats, teachers and common citizen in our societies.

Our Mission

To establish a dialogue for the better education between lawmakers, officers, teachers, parents and common citizens of our society.

To aware parents about their role in their child’s education.

To aware and train SMC members for better management of the institution.