Education System

Current state of Education

The literacy rate in Himachal Pradesh has crossed 88% mark. Himachal is the overall fifth and second bigger state in literacy. Himachal has achieved a net 100% enrolment in elementary level, which is an achievement for the state.

But what is the quality of education our children are getting? This is the one question that is needed to be asked and discussed. Is our education is practical enough? Is it improving reasoning power and creativity of students?

As compare to last 7-8 years we have had seen a huge migration of students from govt. to private schools. A person who can barely handle private school’s expenses also sends his kids to private schools. As a result there has been a massive dip in strength in govt. schools. Why so?

The reason is students are not getting what they are expected to. The standard of education in govt. schools is degrading day by day. Although there are some good govt. school too, but at an average education in govt. schools is getting worse.

We have seen students studying in middle classes who even don’t know to read or write properly. Students of higher classes struggle in basic Math problems. So, you can imagine how big our education system is failing our students. What is the use of elementary classes if a student cannot even read or write?

There were many schools where result of 10th standard was below 20%. Few of them also recorded 0% result. The overall result of Metric was 58%.

Result is not the only criteria of evaluating education. There are other abilities which are to be developed in a student in the schools. But our schools are failing in that front too.