Why other states need to follow and replicate Delhi Education Revolution?

India had seen Green revolution, white revolution and many other Revolution. Today, India desperately needs another revolution, this time a revolution in Education.
As Nobel Peace prize winner Mr. Kailash Satyarthi says that Education is the only tool to bring society out of the clutches of poverty and exploitation. And it’s a truth. For a better nation first we need a better society and for a better society we need better citizens. So, how the citizens can better themselves? Only way to do that is a better education.
We have many social evils in our society. Caste based discrimination, gender inequality, dowry, religious hatred, child abuse, drugs addiction etc are some of these. How can we get rid of these problems? The only solution is education. Unless we educate and aware people about the rationalities of these issues, we can not get over these problems.
Poverty is the one of the biggest problem of our country since the ages. If one person from a family gets employed, that family and gets out of poverty. But first we have to make people employable and again education is the only way to do that. If we focus on Education and make people mentally and financially developed, other kind of development will automate itself.
Now what’s saddening is the attitude of our governments towards education. Only a handful of govts in the country have the education on their priorities. The condition of govt schools in most parts of the country are not good shape. There is not good infrastructure and standards of education is getting worsened day by day. I have seen students studying in 7th-8th standards struggling in reading, writing and basic Maths.
Delhi Govt is an exception in this case. What make Delhi govt different is the revolution in education they are working on. The work done in four and half year in field of Education is remarkable. Both infrastructure wise and academically. Visit a delhi govt school, you can feel the difference. State of  art buildings, beautiful interiors, ACs in classrooms, auditoriums, swimming pools, world class playgrounds, gymnasiums are something which parents of kids studying in those schools would have never expected.
If I talk about academics, the change is visible there too. And it is reflected in the boards results where govt schools of Delhi surpassed the pass percentage of private schools.
It could be achieved because of insightful and innovative steps taken by Education Ministry. Management courses to Principals, sending teachers for training in foreign countries are the steps taken by the govt to enhance the skills and capabilities of the govt school teachers.
Coordination between parents and teachers is very important for good education of kids. MegaPTM is a very brilliant step to bring parents to schools and get involved themselves in the study of their kids actively.
With the hectic schedule of education stress in students is a common problem. To tackle this Delhi govt included a very unique and innovative ‘Happiness Curriculum’.
The credit goes to the Education Minister Sh. Manish Sisodia. Allocating more than 25% of total budget to education clearly shows the neeyat and the priorities.
Have you seen an Education Minister of any state visiting govt schools, inspecting and interacting with management, staff and students?
This kind of visits have two benefits. One, it can have a check on working staff and management. Second,  it increases an mutual understanding and build confidence among staff, which is very much required. Interacting with education minister of the state would also encourage students. Delhi minister Manish Sisodia is doing it regularly.
This kind of unique initiative shows the amount of work Delhi govt is putting in to improve the Education of the state. The think tank which includes Oxford scholar Atishi Marlena is doing a marvelous job in the leadership of Education Minister Manish Sisodia.
This Delhi Education Model is getting some international recognition. If a govt. is doing some extra ordinary job, others should follow for the benefits of their people leaving aside the political rivalry and political differences. So it is the time for other state govts to understand the importance of good Education and start working for reforms in Education in their respective states. And for that they should study the Delhi Model of education and try to implement initiatives like Happiness Curriculum and Mega PTM in their states.